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Handyman Express LLC can provide a range of carpentry services to help homeowners improve the functionality and aesthetic appeal of their homes.

  • Installation of trim and molding

  • Repair / Install doors        

  • Build / Install shelves and cabinets        

  • Install / Repair flooring

  • Repair decks and patios

  • Repair / Install fences (repair or replace damaged fence panels and posts)

  • Assemble furniture

  • Hang pictures and mirrors

  • TV mounting

     And much more...


Handyman Express LLC can provide a range of plumbing services to stop or prevent potential leaks.  

  • Repair / Replace faucets

  • Repair / Replace toilets

  • Fix issues with pipes

  • Install / Repair downspouts drainage system 

   And much more...


Handyman Express LLC can provide a range of electric services to improve you home. 

  • Instal / Replace bathroom fans 

  • Microwave hood installation

  • Lighting fixture replacements

  • Outlet upgrades

  • Light switches

  • Ceiling fans

  • Smart home upgrades

  • Smoke detectors

    And much more...

 Drywall / Painting 

Handyman Express LLC can provide a wide range of paining and drywall services.

  • Assessment of the damage

  • Removal of damaged drywall

  • Installation of new drywall       

  • Joint taping & Compound application 

  • Priming & Painting

  And much more...


Regular home maintenance is essential for preserving the value and safety of a home. Here's a list of things that Handyman Express LLC can provide for your home maintenance.  

  • Clean gutters and downspouts       

  • Roof Inspection / Repair 

  • Change HVAC filters        

  • Test smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors

  • Inspect and repair plumbing: (Leaks repair and other issues with pipes, faucets, and toilets)

  • Seal windows and doors 

  • Clean and inspect chimneys and fireplaces 

  • Pressure wash exterior surfaces   

    And much more...  

Other Repairs 

Overall Handyman Express LLC can provide a wide range of home services. Please call us and speak with one of our team member to see how we can help you. ​

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